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The ECUK aims to build a stronger and integrated cohesive community.

Frequently asked Questions

What is ECUK?

The Eritrean Community in the UK (ECUK) is a charitable community organisation established in 1987 to promote the quality life of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in the UK by providing advice and guidance in immigration, housing, education, training and employment as well as culturally-based counseling. ECUK provides its services to all Eritreans regardless their, ethnicity, gender, political, and religion beliefs. ECUK is therefore a non-political charitable and voluntary, controlled by members of the Eritrean community, supervised by their own Trusts/MC, comply with its Constitution and the Charity Acts and the Law.

What kind of services does ECUK provide?

ECUK provides the provision of advice, information, support, advocacy and referral on various issues including access to education, training, employment/business start ups, welfare rights, housing, immigration as well as health and culturally based counselling that are provided by well qualified and experienced advice workers.

Are there any other services provided by the ECUK?

Yes. ECUK also run Mother Tongue and Supplementary School (MTSS) classes, and Holiday Play scheme activities subject to fund availability. In addition, ECUK organises different meetings, workshops, seminars and organise cultural and community empowerment events to meet and discuss on specific issues.

Are services provided everyday at anytime?

ECUK's services are provided both by pre-booked appointments and drop-in especially for emergency cases only before 1pm. In the afternoon all staff perform clients paper work and some office duties. Therefore, services users are advised to arrange appointments to the right advice worker either by phoning or in person.

Do service users know about ECUK services?

ECUK has been implementing successful projects and services since its inception in February 1987. As the result of that ECUK is well known organisation both to the local communities and other statutory and voluntary establishments. In addition, ECUK produces various informative leaflets, posters and other similar publications in English and translated into one or two Eritrean languages.

Does ECUK have complaints and comments procedures?

Yes. ECUK is a Constituted organization and has working code practices. Therefore, comments and/or complaints can be submitted to our office, and then a responsible body investigates the matter and responds accordingly.

How do I get to ECUK Office?

ECUK is based on 266-268 Holloway Road, London N7 6NE. Tel 020 77007995. Fax. 020 77006173. Email: info@ericomuk. W:
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How ECUK is ran?

ECUK is managed by a management Committee (MC) elected at the yearly Annual General Meeting. The MC is made up of members of the ECUK who have a variety of skills and knowledge to bring to the organization. They are responsible for the overall direction of the organization with the Team Leader who is also responsible for the day-to-day organizational duties and activities. Both staff and management reflect the same demographic composition and ethnicities of the Eritrean community.

Currently, ECUK is managing its routine activities with three office employees, all working part-time. The organisation has three paid employees including a Team Leader/Business Advisor, and two advice workers supported by volunteers in the office. There are also 3 Mother Tongue and 4 Home Work Support sessional teachers teach in our Mother Tongue & Home Works Support classes. ECUK is always committed to provide quality services with minimum resources including shortage of staff, and the organisation has shown extremely exceptional resilience and gradual progress even under difficult circumstances simply due to the dedication of its staff, MC and volunteers.

ECUK has to meet the legal and contractual obligations of the Charity Acts, HMRC, and the requirements of funding bodies and banking codes. While the Team Leader manages and runs daily activities including delivery of services and maintaining and keeping of all records, the MC is overall responsible. Any expenditure is paid out by cheque signed by the two from the four signatories of the Executive members of the MC that include the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

What are the great success of ECUK?

ECUK has good track record and there are a number of great achievements of ECUK including long serving and sustained organization, provides needs-led services, awarded accredited Quality Marks, transparent and accountable, had attracted many fudners in the past, played a key role in bringing members of the community groups together, survival despite tough and fluctuation of funding situation, qualified and experienced staff that can provide professional advice and guidance, and MTSS classes for many children and young people.

ECUK has been addressing and responding to the needs of the community through the provision of advice, information, support, advocacy and referral and improving the quality of life and the successful integration with the host societies. ECUK has played a key role in empowering and supporting them to organise themselves and has served as a backbone for the community members. It has achieved a great deal in the last few years in all aspects of community work and would be catastrophic if the community had to loose such an organised and well-established institution.

Where do ECUK' s resources come from?

ECUK is a community-based charity organisation that serves the most excluded, disadvantaged, vulnerable groups of all ages and gender from members of the Eritrean community. In order to implement our unique projects and provision of services, we fundraise from various funders including trusts, foundations and local authorities. We make a lot of efforts in fundraising and due to tough and competitive funding circumstances, success is not always viable. The existence of ECUK s services are dictated by the needs of the community. The demands are overwhelmingly huge compared with the overstretched scanty resources of the organization. Therefore, developing new funding streams and promoting new projects are the prime objectives of ECUK.

ECUK is always committed to provide quality services with minimum resources including shortage of staff, and the organisation has shown extremely exceptional resilience and gradual progress even under difficult circumstances simply due to the dedication of its staff, MC and volunteers.